Friday, February 12, 2016

Hamilton, rat allergies, shopping addictions and pumpkin bread.

We spent a week at my moms house because cooper went on a weekend ski trip with his med school buddies in south east West Virginia. 
Cooper had a lot of fun and was so happy to finally be able to snowboard :D hopefully someday when our kids are older, Coop will take me on a ski trip and teach me how to ski/snowboard⛷πŸŽΏπŸ‚❤️❤️ in the meantime.. He takes me to concerts! For our valentines present to each other we are going to a Bruce Springsteen concert. 

Anyways.. We went to Nanna's house so me and the kids wouldn't have to be alone in our house for a weekend. It was so fun and I always love going to my mom's house. 
A few things happened. 
Bruce has shown to be quite delicate in his piano skills these days. Maybe he'll be like his daddy and be self taught because he just likes to plunk around. 
Then of course... Finn, mom and I bonded over weird movies, lots of chocolate cake and making fun of each other relentlessly.  Because it's hilarious. We've all got it together while being a hot mess and it's glorious. 
The babies had an unfortunate lack of time spent outdoors. This was the only sunny day. We spend another day when it snowed sludging around the yard to get the energy juices out a bit but that got old quick. 
 Mom's birthday. That's when I hand painted a giant birthday card and made my famous 2am cake. We sang the happy birthday song on super speed because we think it's the most awkward song ever but you can't not sing something so we got it over with quick. 

On another note.. I have a online shopping addiction and almost bought this dress. As it so happens, all of the things I bought for a dollar from
Shanghi and Tokyo and Hong Kong came in the mail the week I was gone so my husband now knows about my addiction. Thanks, mailman. 
Melia babe learned a few things while at Nanna's house. She practiced standing up alone in prep for walking. And she overcame a little of the stranger danger and mommy-girl attitude from being around everyone for so long:D yay malia! She's really growing up and I'm actually JUST happy about it! No bitter in the sweet! We plan to have more babes so I don't feel the need to hang too tight to the baby stages. I'm just loving watching her learn and become so vibrant and confident. I can't wait as well for her to match up with Bruce as soon as possible so they can truly be best little friends and play together. 
So, one of the cutest moments
Of the week was when Bruce would take his bottle and go over to Nanna's bed while she was at work to snuggle in her covers and drink his bottle. He loves his Nanna so much. 

When we go to Nanna's house we like to do lots of cooking and baking for her. So recently I've discovered a divine pumpkin bread recipe and we made a double batch before we left to go back to West Virginia! Bruce dipped his finders deep into the batter whenever I let him get a taste and then insisted in keeping the bowl for tastes after I had stuck the bread in the oven. Warms my mommy heart to be making memories and creating a childhood for my babes full of warm pumpkin bread and other fun and comforting things. 

As it turns out, I am VERY allergic to rats. And as it happens... Finn owns two of them. So after almost a week of living on Benadryl and still having a itchy puffy face, I called Cooper to come save me. He drove up to bring me home early and we were all so excited to see him after a week of being away from each other!! 
Cooper, Amelia and I went on a little date to schmidts sausage house where we got the buffet and shared a cream puff. Amelia is obsessed with German potatoes, sour kraut and especially cream puff cream. 
Side note: on our 3hour drive home, coop and I listened to this musical that's on Broadway now AND Spotify... Just... Just trust me. Go listen to "Hamilton" on Spotify written by Lin-Manuel Miranda.
It's so weird and so awesome
And so hilarious and so worth your time and ear attention. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Amelia Mae

I want to remember some of the silly little things that make my babies unique even at the tiniest of ages. 

Lately something about Amelia's personality has been sticking out to me. 
She does not like to be touched. Nope. Not even a feather of a touch on her head. If she's not in the specific mood to be chill with you, she will recoil or push your face haha!! 
The reason this has been sticking out to me lately is for two reasons. 1) Bruce is the complete opposite and let's me do whatever I want -- clean his nose, kiss him incessantly, too many hugs-- you name it, he's pretty chill with it. 
2) Amelia has been making an exception to this rule in the past few days. And it melts my heart. 
This is her about 4x a day.. And guess where she is resting?!? On ME! She specifically wants to sleep on mommy lately with her teething aches and sadnesses. It's so sweet and different how she just snuggles into me so quickly for comfort. 
I know she might usually be an independent little sass and that's amazing. But I love knowing she trusts me and finds comfort and safety and relief from pain in my arms! There is nothing in my life that can compare to being a mother. 

Friday, November 13, 2015

What's up, Bruce?

What has the kid been up to lately? Let's talk about Bruce's October and how awesome it was.
First, we are going to talk about the pumpkin patch. This was one of the most epic family adventures yet, and this picture perfectly captures Bruce's feelings about the whole thing. I still don't know what his feelings were but that is what they looked like. 

He was a good sport about it though and let us have our parental shenanigans. 

Next, let's talk about Bruce's growing brotherly skills!! Along with our morning routine, Bruce likes to play with his sister.
However, since he himself is not a 7 month old, he expects she likes what 2yr olds like. Such as, very large toys. 
He lovingly surrounds her with all his favorites.. And then... 
He sweetly watches through the cracks to see how much fun she is having with them. (Although what she really is doing is trying not to bonk her head or feel overwhelmed by being trapped in his toy circle) 

Now we move to the messy parts of Bruce's October. Learning about opening bottles and then following the example of his main lady (mommy) in the art of painting nails. All while mommy was taking a nap and daddy didn't know the bathroom door was open. 

Curiosity and learning and skill building did not end here!! Nope!
There is no better time to primp than when your parents are busy on the side of the road trying to convince a scary snapping turtle to go back into the bushes and off the road on the way home from church. 
So naturally, it was time to find some age and gender appropriate eyewear. 
Nana always has cool things around for her Brucey Boy. 
We aren't forgetting about the best part. Bruce loves his birthday parties every year. 
This year he especially knew the celebrations were for him and he was on cloud 9.. Which brings us to this picture: 
Who wants to go to bed on time when you just started the party?? Yeah, me either. Sometimes ya gotta walk it off.

Trick or treating was a confusing experience for sure.. He wanted to either give the candy he just got to the next house we came to or he wanted to stop and eat every piece in between houses. 

To top it all off as being a wonderful month in Bruce's eyes, Pop Came to visit while on a business trip and MADE BRUCE'S DAY. 
When Bruce's Pop had to leave, Bruce gave a heart wrenching struggle to keep him here. He wrapped his arms around Keith's shoulders and didn't agree that letting go was any sort of option. I can still hear him crying on the porch saying "POP!!! POP!!!!!!!". Well at least someone knows Bruce thinks they are special ;)

Lastly, Amelia has become the perfect snuggle friend for a kid who doesn't want to feel like he is the only one going to bed. We stick her next to him in his crib for family lulaby songs and prayers to give the illusion of one family bed time:) 


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Summer {1} leaving the burg

Our sweet little home!!! Where Cooper and I started our love story and lives together. It was so bitter sweet to leave... But we really felt past due to be moving on to bigger and better things. Before we left we took pictures of our little home, went to a few of our favorite spots in town for the last time and tried to soak up some memories for cherishing. 
The cozy and oh so colorful living room 
Drive in movie with the babies!! Oddly they always fall asleep in the back for drive ins so we loved going!! {no babysitter needed!} 
That night was SUCH a good idea. We had fun. 
Look at my hubby loving his new little pink bundle.. Be still my heart. 
Then we had a bbq with friends to say our goodbyes :,( 
Got our cowboy on before we left cow country for good ;)
One last Carlisle ride at porter park
One more day at the splash pad!! 
One more bonfire at the dunes {our 1st date was there }

Then finally... Gone. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Spice muffins and A-Ha! Moments..

Waiting semi-patiently for the spice cake muffins that he has so dearly loved since the day he could chew. 
Once he saw me pouring things into my mixer he became a excited little minion and tried to get bites of everything before it even went in the oven and was asking me "a bite?" For the past 30 min.. 
At last.. The muffin is on it's way into Bruce's tummy where it belongs. 
I'm not kidding when he was a year old he would sneak these somehow off the table and eat 3 in a row. 

Lately it has been so fun eating meals together because he always remembers to bless the food and he knows exactly what he wants, like more juice or only the corners o his pizza. Or so I thought. 

Him and I make pizza every once In awhile for lunch or dinner and I noticed he usually just eats the tip of the pizza. I assumed the big round pepperoni was what he was avoiding so one day I decided to "help" him by eating the piece of pepperoni on his slice. 
Mmmmm... Wrong move. 
Right away he looks at the crater of cheese where his pepperoni used to be and with a furrowed brow points at it and looks at me. "Mama! ... No!... No, Mama."
Poor kid.. All I could do was laugh. I replaced his pepperoni with one of mine and he said, "tee too" (thank you) and continued to eat around it. 
Of Bruce could send me this poem in a card he totally would. 

Something I learned this week {probably for the 10th time} is that my attitude and how I react to Bruce's toddler ways greatly impacts the happy feelings in our home. They say the woman is the heart of the home and my goal this year is to learn how to make the hearts that I am in charge of in my home, happy hearts. I think I have to start with my own. 
I read a great blog post the other week about "positive touch" with children. It said basically that when we give our children more careing and positive physical contact {such as holding their hands, looking in their eyes and telling them how important and loved they are} it most often results in positive behavior changes and more emotionally well adjusted children. 
BINGO. I want that! And it's so simple but in the rush of the day I often forget to slow down and kiss his feet or when he's grouchy, getting down on his level and caressing his hair as I try to figure out what he needs. 
I'm so grateful for that reminder to slow down and pay attention and give them more affection than I usually do because of all the "tasks" I rush around doing. 
Sometimes he needs more than just a bottle of milk. Sometimes he needs a bottle of milk and my hand rubbing his cheek for a minuet while he drinks it before I return to doing dishes or make a phone call. 

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Empower outage

Dear pizza delivery man, 

We are sorry for making you come out in the rain and hail and humidity. But not sorry enough to actually stop us from ordering this yummy pizza. 
I wish I had gotten a picture of the poor guy... He looked like a giant wet puppy dog. I gave him a juicy tip though because I felt very guilty. 
Bruce felt no guilt because he's 2 and has no idea what's going on. 

So, this is the second power outtage in one month. I'm not complaining, but I am scared of the dark and I'm thinking I'll have to use my adorable yummy smelling festive autumn candles for light tonight. 

I might be a little scared and also worried about the food I just bought in my fridge BUT I also love that when the power goes out it's a automatic adventure card and you can basically do whatever you want and act like it's nessisary for your survival. 

Poor delicious candles.. Seriously these were not made to be burnt for light. At least I have ice cream for when the yummy smell makes me want to eat things. 

On a serious note, I've felt like I've been leaning a lot on the Savior to get me through the challenges that I'm positive were not given to me to do alone. It brings me happiness when I realize how much strength to endure comes from Jesus Christ. So this experience being alone with the kids, and soon in the dark, I looked for something to comfort me in my little bit of anxiety. 
I found this wonderful gem: 
Jeffery R. Holland said, 
"But God knew the challenges they would face, and He certainly knew how lonely and troubled they would sometimes feel. So He watched over His mortal family constantly, heard their prayers always, and sent prophets (and later apostles) to teach, counsel, and guide them. But in times of special need, He sent angels, divine messengers, to bless His children, reassure them that heaven was always very close and that His help was always very near." 

This link goes to the entire talk. Seriously take 5 minuets and read it. I love Elder Holland!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The stuff we do..

This is Bruce and I waiting for Daddy to be done doing surgery on a poor little rat at school so he could come home and hang out with us!! 
Oh my heavens it has been a entire year since I posted in my blog. Sara, forgive me. Haha 
What is my problem?! I have an app for this for heavens sake! 
Ok I want to try to get good at this again before baby girl comes around. This summer is going to be so much fun with my two beautiful munchkins!! I have to make sure to record it all !! <3 

Bruce, before I cut his hairs. He was being super adorably weird in the tub. #babystretches 
Let's talk about Cooper again. Bruce officially refers to him as "Daddin" and I hope that he never learns the correct pronunciation. They are perfect together. Bruce is a daddy's boy and I am totally ok with that. He comes to me for his food and diapers and comfort and all his needs and we also have great conversations all day as well as pretty adorable play time and that makes me feel awesome. However, When Daddin comes home it's time for epic fun and a million hugs and squeals. They have a wonderful bond :) I married a great guy

Bruce's first art project went well today. He (mostly) didn't even try to eat the markers! He colored with them!!